Ultimate Rookie Book Gets Rave Review

One of the great things about James Bailey’s book Major League Debuts – 2023 edition is that he treats [Brett] Baty and [Jose] Butto equally. This is the case even if just about everyone reading this, and most baseball fans know who Baty is but few are going to be aware of Butto. 

Bailey painstakingly, and quite well, breaks down each of the record major-league debuts in 2023. It is a very exciting time in the game with such a plethora of young players reaching the big leagues, and that makes Bailey’s work that much more valuable. 

Since each player gets his due here, and at a high level, it is very interesting to dig a little deeper at each of these players, both known and unknown. Bailey does a great job not only of introducing you to each player, but also breaking down their background, 2022 season, and the circumstances surrounding their debut. Statistics are provided, and maybe most importantly for fantasy players, an outlook for the future. 

Full review by Ray Kuhn on the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America's Substack page (posted 3/25/2023)

Looking back at MLB's 2022 debuts

If you are a fantasy baseball lover, love reading about up-and-coming players or just simply enjoy crunching numbers, then James Bailey has a book that will scratch your itch.

Major League Debuts: 2023 Edition ($17.95; paperback; 412 pages) is a deep dive into the 303 players who made their major league debuts during the 2022 season.

This wonderful reference guide covers Padres shortstop C.J. Abrams to Marlins pitcher Aneurys Zabala, with plenty of information in between.

Full review on The Sports Bookie (posted 3/16/2023)

Bookshelf Mini-Reviews: Baseball’s Memorable Misses and Major League Debuts

Major League Debuts is another in the general genre of reference books/almanacs/etc. that come out every year (although this is Debuts debut). Bailey covers each of the 303 players who appeared for the first time in 2022 with what they did in their first big league game, their background, their overall season last year, and their “outlook,” which is always a tricky proposition.

Full review on Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf (posted 3/10/2023)

Review of "Major League Debuts 2023"

The best aspect of this book is that every player who made their first MLB appearance gets the same treatment – a description of his performance in his first game, a short biography, a recap of their 2022 season in both MLB and the minor leagues, if applicable, and the outlook for the player based on past performance. This is true whether the player was Julio Rodriguez, who was the American League Rookie of the Year for the Seattle Mariners, or Bowden Francis, a pitcher who appeared in one game and threw two innings for the Toronto Blue Jays. It didn’t matter, Bailey gave each player a good write up and his complete statistics were included, both major and minor leagues.

Book Excerpt: Major League Debuts: 2023 Edition

Over 300 players made their major league debuts in 2022, some in spectacular fashion, others not so much. Some prospects traded for difference makers during the summer work out for the acquiring club, others not so much. With number 21 in our book excerpt series — “Major League Debuts: 2023 Edition,” by James Bailey (2023, $7.99 Kindle, $17.95 Paperback) — in your collection, you can read about them all. And I suggest you do so.

Full review on Off Base with Howard Cole (posted 2/20/2023)


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